LOWA Elite Desert Boot Review

LOWA has been making boots since 1923, and there is a reason they have lasted so long as a company. LOWA makes a product that shows their quality from the inside to the outside of the boot. Our first impression out of the box was that the Elite Desert was a sharp well designed and built the boot. Of course, this would mean nothing if it didn’t perform well in the field, but good first impressions are always good to have.

The Elite Desert boot is the first boot by LOWA that we have ever used and we were pretty excited to strap them on and take them into the field. For the first test, I wore them while heading out into the Nevada desert to do some shooting. The place we go shooting involves some desert hiking to get to our spot. As this was the first time I had worn the boots, I was expecting an unpleasant hike since they weren’t broken in yet. The boots were a little stiff through the first couple days of wearing them and at times caused a little discomfort, but overall it wasn’t that bad. I have had boots that were a real pain to wear until they were broken in, but these LOWA’s were the opposite. Besides the little discomfort, they were great during the break-in period. The first two days of testing in the desert the boots responded how they should, they provided great support, they absorbed impact nicely, and even with not being broken in they were still pretty comfortable to wear. The area we were in gave us the chance to hike up some steep sandy terrain, up and over large desert rocks, and across the small loose rock. No matter where I went, I felt stable and sure-footed in these Elite Desert boots.

A few weeks after the desert trip I took these boots up into the mountains for some testing after the break-in period and also in some different terrain. Once these boots were completely broken in, they were by far some of the most comfortable boots I have ever used. The support is still there, the nice snug fit is still there, and the comfort only improves the more the boot is worn. While testing them in the mountains, I enjoyed hiking down muddy trails, over logs, across small streams, and even through some left over snow patches. The boots were just as good in the wet, muddy mountains as they were in the hot, dry desert. When wearing the boots in the colder mountains, I wore a heavier hiking sock, and in the desert, I wore a lighter hiking sock and was never uncomfortable. The LOWA Elite Desert boot can be used any time of the year in a wide variety of terrain and weather conditions.

After testing the Elite Desert boots in the desert and the mountains, I would recommend them to anyone looking for a good solid boot that can be used pretty much anywhere. I would have no problem taking these out for multi-day backpacking trips, desert shooting, tactical drills, mountain hikes, or just any situation that demands a good solid boot. These boots were inspired by the needs of the British Army and will surely cover your outdoors needs.

One thing I have to address that I’m sure will scare off a lot of people is the price of these LOWA boots. At over $300 most people will likely think they are overpriced and end up buying a cheaper boot. Yes, the boots are expensive but trust me when I say this, you are getting a great boot for the money you invest. You might find cheaper boots out there, but they will not be the same quality as these LOWA boots. You might find cheaper boots, but they will not hold up to a beating as these LOWA boots will. There might be cheaper boots, but that is exactly what they will be CHEAP BOOTS! These boots are worth the price they sell for.

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