GoLite Eden 2 Tent Review

A light, easy to use, durable, any weather tent? Yes, this is what the GoLite Eden 2tent is. This tent is like a fortress when it comes to tent design. Bad weather? No worries, the Eden 2 will keep it outside where it is supposed to be while you are inside staying nice and dry and protected. Long trip and worrying about weight?

Well, you don’t have to with this tent, the Eden 2 only weighs 5 pounds. Thinking there might not be enough space for two people with gear? There is! The tent is full of space inside and will comfortably fit two good sized adults inside. The Eden 2 also has vestibules that will allow you to keep your gear outside of the tent while still staying out of any inclement weather.

So really how easy is the GoLite Eden 2to set up? We aren’t going to lie here; we did practice before we ventured out into the backcountry. After all, it is better to be prepared than to be pissed off and frustrated in the middle of nowhere. So when we started with our practice setup, we were a little concerned that the tent looked a little complicated.

It took two of us about 15 minutes to get it set up completely the first time out of the box, so I guess you could say our concerns were unwarranted. When we finally got it out on our backpacking trip, we were able to set up the tent in just a few minutes (after our practice session of course.) I had also set up the tent by myself and was able to do it in about 10 minutes. So figure in excellent conditions with one or two people you could get it up in about 5 to 10 minutes (if weather conditions are bad it could take you longer.)

How did it hold up to the weather? Great! Yes really, it did hold up great. There isn’t another word to describe how well the Eden 2 did in horrible conditions. The trip we took it on was a five day trip in the mountains of Colorado. The first day was sunny and in the 50′s, the second day was not so good. The second day started out with some rain and as the day went on the temperatures dropped down into the high 30′s.

Overnight the temps dropped even more, and the rain turned into snow. When we woke up in the morning, there was a nice layer of fresh snow all around the tent and on it. The inside of the tent was completely dry! We knew it was raining when we went to bed but had no idea it had started to snow overnight. To our surprise, the tent kept every bit of the weather outside, and we were comfortable all night. Also during the night, we had some pretty good winds, and the Eden 2 didn’t even flinch. So yes the GoLite Eden 2was great in the cold rain, snow, and strong winds.

What about all the tents features? Fine, you asked for it, and we are going to tell you. Features include a tension-sleeve integrated flysheet and body that provides excellent stability with continuous sleeve construction, rugged brass grommets, mushroom head pole tips, and impact-resistant Ladderlock buckles for adjustable tension. Reflective guy points add stability and visibility, while high internal gear loops allow you to hang clothes and other items. Rounding out the specs are a YKK zippered door with snag-guard, Velcro and snap closures, and color-coded, variable-diameter DAC Featherlite NSL poles. Does that satisfy your need for features?

So would we recommend the GoLite Eden 2tent to anyone that was planning on doing some backcountry backpacking or just any backpacking at all? YES, YES, and YES again! It is a great tent that will not disappoint.

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